Just A Formality

So what is next for me, after next is next

do I live in poverty

although I have access to affordable housing

but it’s not the right place for me.

Will I live a life of solitude

will I stagnate

things could be worse

am I just an ingrate.

I will be isolated

but I guess I could focus on my writing

or take my inheritance

and spend a life of travelling.

I think that’s what I want to do

if my health permits is just get away,

there’s a world out there I want to see

I think I need to just get away.

I’ll travel as long as I can

as far and wide

and when things could bad

I will just swim out into the tide.

13 thoughts on “Just A Formality

  1. I’ve been trying to migrate up stream but w/0 a paddle not much success unless I pin the fuckers to the wall,lots of pain not with no support from dr,it’s grinding me Down Harlon,the only reason I am telling you cause I know you’ll understand & I need a listen ear this morning had a very bad night pain wise,stay close I need you on the front line with me,a soldier of one in this Army of the few

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  2. I wish you beautiful travels, my friend, you spent some time recently in a lovely place that warms my heart…caregiving is hard (my father is currently undergoing surgery and his future is unknown, I’ve been looking after him for over a year now valiantly helping to keep him in his own home, what’s next, I don’t know?!), it’s time to rest and recover.

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  3. Great things are next for you, happiness is next for you. I’ve heard there is a season for everything(everyone probably has lol) live Mr. live.. smile and laugh and love. You deserve it.

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