When The Good Is Gone

I have always tried to be good

but it seems there were always people

trying to do me bad.

Was I asking for it?

Were the looking for it?

Questions, answers unknown.

I have always tried to be good

but I think the good is gone.

I mourn the loss,

I cry my tears

I try to own up

I try to face my fears

but I think

after all I have been through

the good is gone.

12 thoughts on “When The Good Is Gone

  1. Thank you for writing. I have missed you, too. The good is not gone, just hard to see sometimes. Watch out for words like “always” and “never.” They are rarely true. Cry the tears and ask the questions, even if the answers are slow to come. Get outside and look for the gifts of the earth that have helped you see the good.

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  2. I know that is not truth!
    Truth is that what shines from your soul, the light that is magnificent, is merely being covered with earthly happenings. I know who you are…I know you have been through a lot…and I know that the light will gain intensity and shine love on you! ❤
    I miss you…I think of you often…and I keep you in loves embrace! ❤

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  3. I don’t believe that is possible. Your heart is to deep with love for others and yourself. there is no giving up. Please email me back, you’ve been avoiding me. I need/want to so badly want to know how life is going. It doesn’t sound good right now. Hugs

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  4. Harlan, the good is not gone. It is merely in hiding. It is time to open the darkness and once again surrender to Love, the sound that turns on the Light. You are Love, loved and cared for by me and many others. It is time to remember that Loving transcends time and place moving effortlessly through space.


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