Who, When, Where, What & Why

Harlon Davey, the guy who writes this blog,

was hospitalized from February 4 to February 28, 2020.

Harlon was ultimately admitted to the Adult Mental Health Services ward of Trillium Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

He got himself to emergency on the 7th., and presented himself with a history of depression, anxiety and moderate alcohol abuse and thoughts of self-harm. After an assessment from the Emergency Doctor and a Psychiatrist, he was admitted to the hospital on a Form 1 which meant he was being held at hospital involuntarily for fear that he may harm himself.  After his stay in the hospital, he began participating in an Intensive Outpatient Program that focused on Cognitive Behavioural and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, teaching such skills as mindfulness to help improve the moment and reduce anxiety.

A combination of factors contributed to Harlon’s spiral.  He was suffering from serious Seasonal Affective Disorder (which seems to be getting worse every year).  He went on a new anti-depressant, Effexor, and was having an adverse response which including increased levels of depression and thoughts of suicide, along with hallucinations and hearing noises.  Harlon understood that with this class of drugs, that sometimes things get worse before they get better so he pushed ahead to weather the storm and wait for the clinical benefits to kick in.  As things got worse, Harlon resumed drinking alcohol.  The combination of alcohol and anti-depressants resulted in a complete downwards spiral.  These factors, including the fact that he was isolating himself because of social anxiety.   The ingredients were there for a perfect storm.

Harlon received excellent care in the hospital.  His mental and physical care were treated with compassion and excellence.  His medication was reviewed and altered and an assessment of his physical and mental health was achieved. Working with the ward Psychiatrist and Medical Doctor and Nephrologist, a thoughtful plan was put into place for Harlon’s discharge to address his general health and to improve his well-being:

  • creating structure and routine
  • seeking and accepting help from healthcare professionals, friends and family
  • not to isolate himself (sidebar: a little challenging these days, physical distancing does not mean social distancing)
  • adhere to medications (he is on a new anti-depressant which is proving to be very effective)
  • practice self-care (sleep hygiene, eating regular meals, adherence to medication, abstaining from alcohol)
  • practicing mindfulness

and lastly, not doing it alone.

It was an intense experience for Harlon, but perhaps inevitable in the light of the serious hardships he has experienced.  However, he is now feeling and looking better than he has in years.  Harlon seems to  be on the right path and will be OK.

41 thoughts on “Who, When, Where, What & Why

  1. I’m so glad you asked for help and followed up with intensive outpatient. CBT, DBT, and mindfulness are great, and you have a solid plan. Following this plan is extremely important. I look forward to reading more about how you’re doing and how you’re using your new skills and resources. You are an important part of this community and the world. Virtual hugs and real prayers are coming your way!

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    • Thank you Joanne, I think this intensive outpatient program is a perfect fit. I am retraining my brain and dealing much better with anxiety and thought traps. I agree, I think practicing is important so I am staying committed and focused on the learning and the practice. Thanks for validating my self-worth, it’s a lovely thing that you did for me. Similarly, virtual hugs and real prayers from me as well to you. 🙂 Harlon

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    • I can’t agree with JoAnna more! What a tortuous and harrowing journey you have been through, Mr Harlon Davey! You have indeed recovered from a place of deep despair, and hopefully you will continue to gain new grounds and fresh perspectives on your life and situations.

      I noticed that the last bulleted point in the “thoughtful plan” is “practicing mindfulness”.

      Here is a very detailed, multipronged and multidisciplinary post of mine at https://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2013/03/18/soundeagle-in-best-moment-award-from-moment-matters/

      It opens with this paragraph:

      A spiritual outlook with a minimalist perspective on life that is conducive to happiness is often predicated on living in the present moment through mindful awareness emancipated from the vagaries of the subconscious and the itinerants of the mind.

      May you find this post dealing with “living in the moment” beneficial to you in various ways. Please be informed that you might need to use a desktop or laptop computer with a large screen to view the rich multimedia contents available for heightening your multisensory enjoyment at my websites, some of which could be too powerful and feature-rich for iPad, iPhone, tablet or other portable devices to handle properly or adequately.

      Though the post is very long and encyclopaedic, the navigational menu there can help you to jump to any section of the post instantly so that you can resume reading at any point of the post over multiple sessions in your own time.

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  2. Harlon’s a good guy. I am sorry to hear he suffered these difficulties, but he showed courage and maturity in seeking help. That is a powerful step in a quandary like this, and trying to do it all on our own makes it worse. And I am glad there was help out there for him. It will be good see his posts again!


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    • Thank you Michael for the camaraderie. It’s been a bumpy ride, but I am glad I hit the reset button. I was in the cone of silence, and then decided to GET SMART and make a call and use my shoe fun. Not too sure if humour translates well on screen, but lightheartedness is a nice place to be. You’ll be hearing more from me soon. Hoping you and your loved ones are staying well and sane. 🙂 Peace, Harlon

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  3. What a sound foundation and support before the world turned itself inside and out. Be present and come back to your breath. This is what will keep you centered and let go of the external and internals stories. You are stronger than you think. 💛💛

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    • Dear Val. so nice to hear from you and thank you for such a thoughtful and right-on comment. I am exploring the power and potential of the breath, and my awareness of it is expanding. It’s nice to feel centred again and yes, I think you may be right, if you don’t mind me saying so, I might be stronger than I think. Pysical distanced hugs, Harlon

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been through such a rough time, but pleased to hear that you’ve gotten excellent care and most of all that you’re feeling good now. Looking forward to future posts from you. Stay safe and well.

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    • Thanks Lisa, I am doing well and in spite of what’s going on around us, I am doing well and spring is my favourite time of year. It’s great to see things coming back to life, I think there may be an analogy there, however, I am doing well and I hope you are also and I always look forward to your informative posts. Stay well, Harlon

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  5. I’ve been thinking about you and wondering where you were… I’m glad you got the help you needed and so happy that you’re now doing so much better. Take care, looking forward to reading future posts!

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    • Thanks Kelly, yes, things are good, I sort of discombobulated this winter, but feel I have things in place (externally and internally) to get on with my journey. Thanks for your support and kind words and hoping you are staying well and feeling connected. All the best, Harlon

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  6. I am relieved that this ended in hope and optimism. I know these battles aren’t won or lost in a single day and these are tough times for all of us. Please don’t hesitate to reach out – and I do mean that seriously and personally. It sounds like you’ve got lots of good resources and support but it’s never a bad thing to put one more tool in your mental health toolbox and yes I just called myself a tool. Don’t forgot I’m an at out of work counsellor (staying home because I’m immuno-compromised). I have wifi and a keyboard. You know where to find me.

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    • Thanks for the fun message – I needed that after attempting to watch The Tiger King on Netflix. Well you are right, you can never have too many tools, and I truly appreciate your message and invitation, don’t be surprised to hear from me. Thanks for the support, I really do mean that. 🙂 Harlon

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    • Merci Dominique, I am not too sure what Trump is good at, but he is not exactly a good neighbour either, but like you said, wonderful friends are something to treasure. I hope you are staying well and feeling creative. Bonne sante, Harlon

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  7. Hello Harlon,
    Like many of your readers, I too missed your work, and wondered how you are doing. I am sorry you were going through difficult times, yet very glad you are doing better. Sending you warm wishes, and please continue to take care.
    Best wishes,

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    • Hi Takami, what a wonderful message to receive, thanks for staying connected in a time when connections are so important. I appreciate your thoughts and I am sending you warm kind wishes. Stay well. 🙂

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  8. The first line or two caught my breath but by the end, I was cheering…keep up the good work, Harlon, even in the face of this new landscape we’re all traversing…I’m so glad you’re back on a path to better health inside and out!

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    • So nice to hear from you and to reconnect as we do through our writing. Things are going well, although things can seem challenging, I think I am in a good space to manage everything has best as one can in this new landscape – and a bright sun shiny day certainly helps, along with kind words from yourself. Sending you some sunshine, Harlon

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  9. Hi Harlon, So sorry that you have been going through such difficult times. Sounds like you are doing a lot better. Very happy to hear. Take care, my friend. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and heart. Big, big hug!

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    • Thank you for the message and checking in, it really made my day. I am doing well, this COVID virus has made things a bit challenging for me in terms of anxiety, but I imagine that applies to just about everyone. Certainly hearing from you, thinking of you made my day a lot better so I do appreciate the connection. Big physical distance hug to you my friend. Harlon

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    • Thank you for your kind words. I am feeling good, in spite of the COVID Virus which doesn’t help with anxiety, but as I wrote, I am going to be OK.
      I also look forward to expressing my creativity through blog posts – also great therapy – as is the great support I receive from folks like yourself.
      Stay well, Harlon

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      • I’m glad you’re feeling better. The COVID isn’t good yet I try to see the positives and look for funny things to cheer me up. Keep writing! 😊

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