Mean While

I have just been taking some time

to get comfortable with myself again.

It’s what I want to do

so that I will be ready

for me to start my new and next adventures

because I am not done yet.


12 thoughts on “Mean While

  1. Well said, Harlon! Thanks for the ping over at my place. It is nice to to know you are still finding the next adventure, as hopefully we are all doing alongside you…


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  2. Hi Harlon 🙂
    How are you my friend? Hope that all is going well and that you are living in that place where truth meets your soul. That is where we create the life that we want to live!! Sending so much love and light ❤

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    • Thank you! It was so nice to see you commenting. I have really had a hard time with COVID, the lack of motivation, and the list goes on. I haven’t been feeling particularly creative but I thought it I do it, I want it to be uplifting and positive. I hope you are well.

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    • Hello Rosanne, thank you for the kindness, hugs and love from your heart. It’s not the vaccine but it does cure a lot of the blues. I agree with the law of attraction and that strength attracts strength. Sending you love! Harlon


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