Unheard (A Collaboration With A Living Soul)

There are thousands starving for Hope

Weak and helpless they stand

Facing the sun, taking the warm

But they are tired inside

There are thousands hungry for Things

Blind and numb they purchase

Facing each other, comparing themselves

But they are empty inside

Fighting with this world

Explaining their hunger and thirst

Needs and expectations

But everyone is deaf to their plea

          Running in a rat race

Justifying the need to take and not give

Too much is never enough

                    But they never feel a sense of victory

And yes, they are howling

          And yes, they remain silent


I am a big fan of  LIVINGSOUL and his amazing blog.

Please check it out. He is truly a living soul. In his home country of India, he is a lover of poetry and an avid reader and a teenager finding rhymes all the time. Isn’t it amazing what we can do when we allow ideas (and people) to cross borders?