I Am On A Mesa

I am on a  mesa

it is a plateau above the ground.

Living at sea level

and diving deep is beautiful

living vicariously in the crashing waves


& fittingly

sure sounds swell,

but when things and people aren’t in place

there is a chance

you may get caught up in the undertow

riptides and things that live below,

you may plant your feet a little deeper

but you can still lose your sense of place

and the waves can come unexpectedly,

but that is what I expect from me,

and this is what becomes of me,

eventually I get tired of the climb when the climb keeps getting steeper.

It is beautiful

yet you can get swallowed by the storm

and sometimes you feel like you just might drown.

I could be in the mountains

and feel that I could touch the sky

but I think we all know happens

when you choose to fly too close to the Gods

it’s hard not to try to beat the odds,

your wings can melt,

feel things that need not be felt,

and that sense of elation can crash

and the feeling of glory can fall by

only because you tried to touch the sky.

I am on a mesa

it is my middle ground

all I have to do

is be myself

and explore my dreams and options

all I have to do is try

because I see them all

I feel them all

I am them all

and there is no way of falling down.

It’s hard to explain,

but when you feel that when your life is sink or swim

you hit a point where you really don’t want to think

or you don’t really want to drown

or feel you don’t fit in.

Sometimes all I want to do is relax,

roll in fields of golden flax.

I’ve moved to a higher ground

somewhere in the middle

beneath some things, not never quite above it all.

Life has it’s up and it’s downs

and if you try to live one way

more than the other

it’s hard to find your equilibrium.