Être: to be(yoncé)

I had coffee with a wonderful friend that I’ve rediscovered recently and we talked of many things, of big hair, of bad customer service and TV binge watching.

It was lovely to have an intelligent conversation and it was wonderful to giggle.

That’s what I want, again and again.

Another thing we spoke of was the realization that each of us had let the things that gave us joy and pleasure slip from our life as if we let our good habits become non-habitual.

Gripped by this long and cold winter’s cabin fever, we both shared the same sentiment.  A great hobby is reintroducing the things into our daily life that we know make us happy. Funny that we literally had to give ourselves permission to be happy.

I don’t know when spring will arrive, it may never, and we might likely go straight to summer, but along the way I will not lose sight of the little things that give me joy.  Odd that it seems like an effort to take the steps towards happiness, yet so easy to take the steps towards melancholy.

My walk will begin, listening to more music, going to see live theatre, seeing friends in person, and dare I say it; getting a dog.

For now, in front of this computer, I can’t think of any better way to rediscover the boyish joyful and exuberant nature of Harlon than with a display of indulgence in heavenly talent that takes me from tired and weak to inspired and happy.  Excuse me while I take my first step, indulge me in my boyish infatuation.