And This As Well

I forgot, until tonight, how magical it is to look up at the night sky and see the stars.  To first see the one that stands out as the brightest, then to spend more time and to absorb the rest of the sky and to see that there are so many stars, so many heavenly bodies. There is so much going on out there.

It is a marvelous experience to gaze at the stars. They are all floating and spinning in space.

Like me. Like us.

Addendum: I opted not to include a picture. Firstly, my camera can't capture the night sky. Then I thought about good old Google images and looking for a nice picture of stars. Finally, I settled on going without an image and instead, I highly recommend you take some time one night, even if it's for only five minutes (which is long as I could handle since it's minus 20 degrees celsius tonight), take as much time as you want and experience the magic yourself.