End Of The Month Blues


Sitting in McDonalds

Nursing my one buck iced coffee

Millions have been served

And the internet is free

Cable Pulse 24 is on the plasma screen

I have a home but I’ve go not no cell or cable TV


I’ve got them end of the month blues

They say no news is good news

Can’t get no meth, can’t get no booze

I have no choice so I can’t even choose


My basic needs when living with a disability

Are $607 a month and the smiles are free

People in the pharmaceutical industry

They never get back to me

I have my drug card from ODSP

So at least the Percocets are free


Can’t get to the park so I cannot cruise

My scratch and win says that I lose

They may be sensible, but there are holes in my shoes

They match the pattern in my end of the month blues


Lyrics by Harlon Davey