The Illusion of Activity


I was born as me and it is who I remain to be.


I have strayed from myself, it has been my disorder on occasion. My life outside myself, a flutter of moments, at time of disservice to the people I love and care for. Our friendly fire.

The fledgling flies.
Sings farewell. Smiling.
Fares well.
No worse for wear.

I fare well, I am happy with myself when I am close by and dwell not in the thought. Observing, playfully.

Stronger and reconnected by love never ending connections that uplift me.
As myself, with the love within and that I have experienced.
It is the mindfulness of this, this moment of joy. Still life.
In the stillness of being myself.
(I love you).

Healthy, spirited, I am happy with myself.

2 thoughts on “The Illusion of Activity

  1. I feel for you brother! I am trying to find a way to get Fleetwood Mac tickets for the Rogers Center as well for October. I absolutely loved your BLOG… I know I hate that word to… LOL! I laughed and laughed,,,, thank you! I really needed a good laugh as it has been a trying week once again for me but I am back in Goderich yet again and on my way to healing! Love ands hugs to you and I hope you find a way to get those tickets : )
    Cherlyn 0: )


    • I am rooting for you. You and Stevie Nicks need to go for some hard liquor afterwards and catch up. And I can picture exactly what you will be wearing.


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