If You Like Me


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Beyoncé is coming to the Rogers Centre in Toronto on July 9th.   Not too far before my 50th. birthday. Another milepost I never saw coming.

I would love to go see Beyoncé in concert to celebrate that I had the courage to make it this far and I have the hope to move forward into the next half of my life. 

Wouldn’t you love to go with me?

I will be your date! The most jubilant and glowing from ear to ear companion. The most hospitable and non-threatening escort.  I will tell you that you are beautiful and that I love your outfit and your smile.  I mean that too!

I will foster the best patient submission, I will forfeit my prescriptions to save the taxpayers money, I will dust, I will mop, weed, grocery shop, I will take the hit, I will bake you a cake, drive the 401 in rush hour, I will brave Customer Service at the LCBO, the TTC, and Shopper’s Drug Mart just so you don’t have to.

I will do what I can to earn the value of two tickets, great tickets, yours and mine, because I do not have available credit, nor do I have next month’s rent and we both need this.

Are you the you for me for this?

I will make it up to you.  We can work this out.

I will offset the price of those tickets by giving something I have to you.

I have plants, lots of them, snappy shirts, 20 pairs of dollar store eyeglasses of which I can only find two at the moment.

I will write you a poem. Sing you a love song. Teach you the latin names of trees, portage your canoe.

I can see your halo and remind me how beautiful you are and always were and how you have always been in style and ahead of your time and dancing to the beat of your own drum.

I will mean everything.

The voice of the African-American is powerful to me. Rosa Parks. Dorothy Walker. Oprah. Patti Labelle.

The soul is in  my heart, the courage to defy, to leave no stone unturned but to but it back afterwards, turned.

I will help you back!

I will be loyal and true to the end.

And it doesn’t hurt to ask, or beg.  Besides, I’ve helped a few out of you, above and Beyoncé, I mean beyond.


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