In The Pocket

And the time between our meetings
Became lonely and disinterested
Wanting routine and wired for reality
Stiff necks and revisions
Did I tell you they told me I wasn’t formatted right?
But I still have a chance if I hold my cards tight
Getting to know what we believe in wasn’t enough
Others want us in the present tense
A chance for an algorithm that scans for better
Ahead of ourselves and not on the same page
Lucky if I get filed under my last name
Not first and I have kept your phone number
If I phone
I will owe you an explanation before you remember me
Awkward moments
Filing index cards
Lists of things to do
Leadership and highlighters
I will no longer write in the corrupted handwriting file
Lottery ticket replays
If I text
The bubbles will only be the colour of mine
Features first and then options
I say no
I have to go
Because of what I’ve done
Not who I am
Maybe this is my time
They are ready for me to move on
A story of courage helps others
Demographics may support
What the pretty funding model wont
Scrolling wanting more
Next time I will come with a car
I delete
For all that it does
It cleans and presents well
I’ll let you go
Fade and wrinkle
Like the paper
With your name and number
That I roll between my fingers
In my pocket

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