This is it. Is this it?


If you found yourself taking on a challenge that was not something that you sought out but was presented to you because someone thought you would be good at it and you saw it as something that came out of the blue but that you believe to a certain extent that sometimes things happen for a reason and you had spent enough time thinking about it to be confident that your intentions are sincere and that it is not driven by ego  and that if you succeeded at the challenge you know that you will excel  and that it would give you an opportunity to apply what you  are good at and do something that would be a net benefit to your community yet you also are aware from experience that things are missing that would lead to success and you are able to identify what those things are, do you stay with it and believe that you can win on good intentions, although good intentions have let you down in the past, or do you step back and be happy knowing that you gave it a shot and that it’s better to stop now rather than later?


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