Circle of Care


People don’t help other people for personal glory. People are there for other people because they care for them. If you are not well, your friends will tend to you and nurture you and you will feel better because you feel safe and not alone.

If you have a dream your friends will support you with your pursuit of that dream because it is what you believe in and friends believe in you.

That is what we can can do for each other.

That is what we can do when we connect, when we share, when we are attentive. When we spend time on what we truly value.

If you fall, you have a team that will catch you and a fan club cheering you on for trying.

We can support each other, win, lose or draw.

When you are supported, you can explore your potential, when it is unconditional, you can feel safe.
It can be silent, sending love and messages in many forms or it can be harmonious, friends holding hands sending light into the darkness. It can be silent, it can be song, it can be a touch.

It is what lifts us.

It is how we rise above expectations, and it is how we can escape fear and isolation.

It is something that I honour in the heroes and the leaders that made my steps easier and that have kept my dreams vivid.

I have not given up yet.

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