The 8th Horseperson: Corporate Greed



In Canada, 36 companies examined by the Telecommunications Commission didn’t charge an extra fee for a paper bill. But 27 do charge fees ranging from 99 cents to almost $6 for the privilege of receiving a paper bill — as opposed to an electronic bill.  $6 for the privilege of receiving a paper bill.  Of course one must make the effort on-line or by phone to opt out. So let’s end the first paragraph with thinking who may not be able or capable to do this.

And what does $6 equal when you are on Ontario Disability Support and receive $691 a month to live. Or a senior on a fixed income with a very uncertain longterm care support net dangling across the sky. For me, $6 is Season 1, 2, 3 and yes I can’t wait to Season 4 of Homeland. It’s a return bus ride into the city so I feel connected. It’s not buying Vitamin C or D. It’s not something I harp about, until now.

I am opting out of opting out because if corporate greed ain’t gonna stop creeping, so then why should I start opting.

In the world of conglomerations and corporate supergiants, 36 companies is a lot in a fairly regulated country like Canada.  Marginalized people are at risk of isolation in a fairly apathetic country like Canada.  

You want the bottom line: it’s cold and a lot of people would rather be hibernating than being in the moment.

Although a small number of readers say the fee is an incentive for customers to reduce their paper usage, the majority of the readers find the practice unfair. 
The CRTC said it’s concerned that the practice may not take into account the specific circumstances of some customers. Many readers agree, saying that paper bills are essential for the elderly who don’t necessarily have computer skills and the low-income customers who can’t afford a computer or internet access. 

Is this sounding familiar?

The corporate machines get leaner and leaner, belts are tighter and making small but unethical and immoral cuts here and there that are not necessary,  and further push those that are not shareholders, that are on the fringe, to pay more to live with less,and be reminded every single God Damn day that you are worth less.

The wheel of fortune spins. Yet at night I sleep to the peaceful sound of being kind, helping people from harm and not fucking around with Seniors because it is the people with life experiences that taught me what is precious in life, and I am one among many that will lead us from the clearcut back into the forest.  Walking away from NSF charges, overlimit credit card fees.

Caution; the hunter gets captured by the game.

In the meantime, it is winter and Canada, it’s important to feel engaged.  Call your MPP’s constituent office and talk to them about this if it concerns you or talk to them about other things that concern you, provide rationale as to why and what you propose should be done to change.   It’s like knitting, but with your mind.

Sniffles and coughs are one thing.

I will not lose my voice.

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