WellBeingPart of being healthy is remaining healthy under pressure, and that I would imagine, is part of being resilient.

Part of being resilient is getting out of a funk, which I have been, and getting myself un-funked.

I think to stay healthy and to maintain wellness (mental, spiritual and physical, etcetera) I can keep doing the following and work on getting better at some of them:

* to experience minimal distress in day-to-day routine and activities

* feel in charge of my live

* capable of making choices based on experience and observation

* able to taking action about things that create anxiety

* explore and maintain good relationships with family and friends

* being in touch with myself and being able to express it

* take responsibility for the reactions to my actions

* am able to manage personal-growth well and genuinely

* create healthy lifestyle habits

* turn negative experiences into learning opportunities

* to actively seek out and pursue positive exciting and enjoyable experiences.

AND ONE MORE that works for me:

* be silly (aka a goofball) every now and then.

The nice thing is, I am not at a point in my life where I just do those things. And I do not DISQUALIFY myself for gentle reminders.


7 thoughts on “Well-being

    • Thank you, and I think you may be right, and now (and I’ll be honest the blogging has helped me get there & the connections I’ve made) but I think it’s my time.I am perfect the way I am. And the I gnaw are the part of my brain that says, yes but what are you perfect for? Good, got rid of that. Peace bro’ H


  1. Pump up the jam, pump it up, pump it up. I am so ready to lighten up…everything in moderation indeed, and really to me life is like an extended version of Laugh-In, pussywillows haven’t emerged but I think this goofball is about to bloom (hmmm, maybe not the best choice of words).


  2. Harlon, thank you for the these timely and timeless reminders. Timely and timeless as they are speaking to me NOW and they are reminders that can be used at any given time in ones development and or journey. This like a doctor emailing me a prescription.

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  3. If it were me, Harlon, and I know it’s not, I might work this list from the bottom up. That way you can fight fire with fire, and greet the insanity of the every day with a heavy dose of I ain’t buyin’ it. (‘cuz I’m CRA-zeeee)

    (How you like me now, funk!?)


    It’s only a thought, my friend. All things in moderation… 🙂


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