I’m not sure about this yet, I’m not sure I ever really am, but I think part of maintaining balance is being in tune with qualities and traits of myself that appear as opposites but together they create synergy by counterbalancing each other.

creative analytical

whimsical serious

trusting cautious

confident self-deprecating

stable unpredictable

outgoing introspective

giving selfish

impulsive hesitant

I think the more counterbalanced personality traits that I have, the more mental and emotional flexibility I have which is essential for my alleged resiliency.

8 thoughts on “Fore(word)play

  1. Alleged!?

    I hate to be the one to break the news, bro’, but that horse is out of the barn. You’ve been convicted of the crime, Harlon, by a jury of your peers… 🙂


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  2. As the Buddha said, be careful of what you destroy in a person for you might be destroying the best thing. He was a very big proponent of embracing our opposites and turning them around… very good post!

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