Gaily Forward

The only thing that should definitely be straight in this world are your priorities.


12 thoughts on “Gaily Forward

  1. I am gay so the picture on the left is a rejoice that my people have finally got there. I don’t like using the word my people as such but I think readers will understand. The photo on the right is quite disturbing and though this exist we can merrily go on our way and do nothing for the cause just voicing our opinion on this blog but what are any of us doing anything. I volunteer at a food bank and it is sad a that point. I can only imagine homeless children and a mother. I know if I saw this in my town that I would be taking them in and helping them get on their feet quickly. Thanks for the post it is an eye opener. Be well.

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  2. Wow! I think everyone deserves to have a decent living and the picture on the right is just sad. Thanks for reminding me about the things which I sometimes take for granted. This struck me on a deeper level.

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    • Thanks Viby, I am glad you picked up on the image on the right, it is truly sad that our world has become numb to the expanding difference between those that have and those that have not. Life shouldn’t be a pie where everyone needs to take their own slice, but a smorgasbord where we can all share. I respect and admire your insight. Peace, Harlon

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    • Thank you Lorrie for expressing your values – which I am fully in support of, we are all just humans – and poverty should not be something that stands in the way…sadly, I feel that I am seeing more of that and I find it extremely bothersome, hence the post. Goddess bless you for your support xo Harlon

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    • Thanks Michael, I agree. I am also beginning to question the notion of “apathy” and how ugly that can express itself as. I think many consider Canada as a somewhat socialist nation, however tax cuts get voters attentions yet investing in social programs (i.e. affordable housing) do not win elections. It discourages how easily it has become for our society to turn a blind eye to homelessness in our own backyards. I remember a song that Billy Holiday sang “God Bless The Child That’s Got His Own”. It seems that those that do not have their own are not particularly “blessed”.

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      • I think there was a typo in there…”it discourages me how easily it has become”….I figured you’d get it, but wondered if that oversight might have altered the meaning. “Is that your participle that you are dangling, or are you just glad to see me”. P.S. Yes, when in doubt, I turn to humour, I find it always helps.


  3. I completely agree. It’s kind of like how people aren’t the least bit upset by revenge flicks full of vigilante ultra violence, but they’ll balk at portrayals of sexuality that don’t fall within the narrow social paradigm.

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    • Well said, and ultimately what inspired this posting is how, beyond violence, sexuality, race and gender, we have become quite comfortable in a world with a huge gulf between the haves and the have nots and as a society we are beginning to perceive homelessness as normal. Peace, Harlon


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