Two Hands, Limitless Minds (a collaboration with Lorrie Bowden)

 If I asked you to believe
Would you take my hand
And hold on tight
And let your mind be free?
If I asked you if you were certain
That you would stay with me
While we traveled through our minds and spirits
Would you still feel free?
If I asked you to walk to the place that light touches
Where Angel wings flutter
And I held your heart in the essence of Love
Would you be willing to meet your Soul?
If I said to you
That I’ve been lost so long
Would you still hold on to my hand so I can feel safe
And together we will be found
I will stay with you, and I will hold on to you
While we both let go
Searching forces truth
to slip through the cracks of our minds
And we will cross this threshold together

* I have written about serendipity and I have often contemplated on how have I found the amazing people that I have found through blogging. I wonder how did we stumble upon each other and how did we forge such deep connections? I have come to the conclusion that the biggest part of serendipity and one of the greatest joys in life is allowing things to be.  Although I have never met Lorrie and the other writers whom I feel a deep connection with, that doesn’t diminish the reality that we are friends. I consider Lorrie a true friend and I am grateful for her help in exploring grace and healing. I am grateful to all of you for fostering the exploration of me. With gratitude, Harlon

Read more of Lorrie’s splendid reflections at: Blessitude

12 thoughts on “Two Hands, Limitless Minds (a collaboration with Lorrie Bowden)

  1. Beautifully written. I’m always impressed by those that can write poetry. Lorrie does an amazing job as well as you have done here. I consider my “virtual” friends to be as real and genuine as those I’ve met in their bodies. Souls speak no matter where they are physically. It’s been my virtual community that has carried me through so much. I’m glad you have found that as well.

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  2. A beautiful piece, you guys! I am reminded of the joy of having companions to share the journey with. Companions are those ones who meet us where we are, accepting and understanding, asking nothing but receiving much, and somehow the magic in-between of relationship draws us out of ourselves and into the vastness of authenticity.

    Love to you both–

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