Arc de Triomphe


I started there.

Not happy with the person I was becoming.

A year later, rerouted, and I am here.

A lot was absent from my life.

I wasn’t present

but now I am here.

I am gathered around me

falling free

even though I may not see the light

the illumination never stops

nor does the architecture of my trajectory

the engineering of what would become of me.

It’s a never-ending task,

over budget, over due,

a vibration

a unique sound wave

of practicing what I believe.

I returned here

and one year later

the constellations have completed their orbit

and the wildlife is my friend

the evening star and all that sparkles

arrive on time.

I await what invites me

stirring things up

allowing things to be

I left there

just in time.

I chose to come here.

Do you have yours?

Do I have mine?

The zenith of becoming me.

I am aiming for a few sure things

a victory.

I have returned to the flower that feeds me

a sense of purpose

that is what completes me.

I like looking at the evening star

living in the limelight

and wondering is this all that we are and meant to be?

After the curtain calls and the sun begins to rise

going home

with the notion that some things are meant to be

and others aren’t

and maybe I am not ready

to embrace what’s meant to be

maybe it’s not embraceable

maybe it’s time to forget about the inevitable

because I like the frivolous pursuit of being me.

Relaxing should be easy

as should

peace of mind.

The arc

some may call it


that is the scar of my trajectory.

17 thoughts on “Arc de Triomphe

    • Thank you Suzanne for your kind words and thank you for also the positive reinforcement….it’s quite the renewable resource. Stay well, Harlon


  1. and maybe I am not ready

    to embrace what’s meant to be

    maybe it’s not embraceable

    Most people of any depth go through this phase. Sometimes it is not a phase but a life long consternation. That’s a problem and wise to reach a point of letting go of that milieu.


  2. Sweet and true, Harlon. I’m over my cosmic budget, too, man, but the universe seems to like it when we stretch the envelope of the given by a few pesos…! 🙂 I loved sensing your orbit of the immutable inside of you my friend.


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  3. Sometimes we do need that “frivolous” pursuit of being me. Here’s hope that we will be triumphant in all of our pursuits, even when that means turning away from some to engage others, like being ourselves.

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  4. Ah! Harlon…I went on this journey with you…and I am on this journey without you!! It is amazing how well you could paint a picture of this!! Here’s to the part of the journey that is embraceable…and here’s to the part that is not!! It is all necessary. ♡

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