Fairest Of Them All


I am relaxed

I feel good about myself

things are falling into place

I feel good about myself

I am relaxed

14 thoughts on “Fairest Of Them All

    • It’s an on-again and off-again state, less amusing the American elections and slightly less quite pathetic than the Canadian Version. You have Trump, right now the Canadian Beaver has got my vote.


  1. 🙂 That is the smile your words created in my heart!!! Enjoy this feeling, Harlon. And remember how it feels and where it is…and then you can travel back to it time and time again!! ♡♡

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  2. Wonderful, Harlon. Well-deserved. May the infinite number of pieces that lie ahead, including those weird-shaped ones that occasionally come along, continue to land just so, like snowfall covering over a barren past. Feeling good about oneself seems to be key to this experience. It is almost like confidence in life itself. Sometimes with confidence we see a person walk straight through the fire, or connect the dots in ways we might not have dared. The confidence to be ourselves… it yields a sublime feeling…


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  3. Feeling this way is elusive. I feel it for a while though after a Sunday church service. Not necessarily for sermon, presence of other congregants or hymns but just being there in that simple austere Presbyterian church of classic red brick and white steeple make me feel in comfort and at home for some reason.

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    • I agree, I wish I felt this way all the time, but what I am enjoying is that I am feeling this way more often than I have in a long time. Hence the posting and for me to take the time to enjoy this feeling and remember that those affirmations are there for me to return to whenever I need to. Blessings, Harlon

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    • Remember a frown is just a smile turned upside down…I think I said that write, or actually I can’t believe I actually said that…but yes, writing helps. You’re pretty inspiring yourself Ash. Peace, Harlon


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