How do you know?


Is it by the grace of God

or is it the power I invested in me?

I spent this evening getting to know someone new

an awareness, a connection, serendipity.

Was I charming to him

or did he genuinely charm me?

The moon went from waning to full and for the first time in a while

I feel I may be of value as a commodity.

I trace my finger along my skin

I could descend into the darkness, I choose to ebb and then flow.

Someone is selling sanctuary by the seashore

and I purchased some shells as bric-à-brac of what I already know.

The bats are busy pollinating and a thrill is a thrill.

The rush of exploration of duality.

Buyer beware, come what may, come what will,

aiming for perseverance got me a bullseye in serenity.


7 thoughts on “How do you know?

  1. Sounds wonderful, Harlon. I am grateful you have shared your enthusiasm, and I add mine to it. My wife and I had dinner near the water in anticipation of the Blue Moon, and there was a sense of magic in the air… 🙂

    Ebb and flow, man… ebb and flow…


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  2. I got such a wonderful feeling reading this, Harlon!! I say the answer to the question: “Is it by the grace of God or is it the power I invested in me? Is BOTH!!! And I say: “Go for it, my friend!” The feeling you describe is so exciting and it says ‘You Are Alive’ and exploring the vast possibilities this incredible life has to offer! Don’t let old ways of thinking bog you down. Believe in the beautiful gift of love, and explore all there is to explore with an open heart and an open mind!! Much love to you…<3 🙂 🙂

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  3. Oh dear Harlon, what a precious precious moment…. Thank you for sharing it! Treasure it, and keep this amazing moment of existential lucidity at the very top of your “Gratitude Jar” so that it is always available!!!

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