How do you know?


Is it by the grace of God

or is it the power I invested in me?

I spent this evening getting to know someone new

an awareness, a connection, serendipity.

Was I charming to him

or did he genuinely charm me?

The moon went from waning to full and for the first time in a while

I feel I may be of value as a commodity.

I trace my finger along my skin

I could descend into the darkness, I choose to ebb and then flow.

Someone is selling sanctuary by the seashore

and I purchased some shells as bric-à-brac of what I already know.

The bats are busy pollinating and a thrill is a thrill.

The rush of exploration of duality.

Buyer beware, come what may, come what will,

aiming for perseverance got me a bullseye in serenity.