I want to celebrate

I want to arrive at

a conclusion.

People said they believed in me

but it was just

that I believed in what they needed.

I want to celebrate

for accomplishing good intentions

this isn’t exactly what you would have chosen.

I always try to help

but people turn against me

I am a reflection of their misgivings.

I want to celebrate

by being all that I am

a problem and a solution.

I am good at heart

I am here and now and I am surrounded by

so much greed and corruption.

I want to celebrate

no longer tethered

to your illusion.

I am good as one

I am good as me

I am good at being forgotten.

I want to celebrate

but you are hesitating

you haven’t responded to my invitation.

I am celebrating

because I am myself

and I have arrived on my terms at my own conclusions.


21 thoughts on “RSVP

    • Thanks for sharing that, some may find it selfish, I think it’s important to nourish the soul and live the life we want to live – or have fun trying. Peace, Harlon


    • Lorrie, thank you for the love. I know some of these postings may read a bit up and down, but that’s life right? To be happy, we must have been turned unhappy, and to celebrate, then time to get distance myself from party-poopers. I think I may just break out the Pin The Tail On The Donkey game but I think we’ve lost the donkey and I am not doing stunt double anymore. Love and respect, Harlon


    • Your freshness and insight and caring nature are always able to elevate me – and I continue to be amazed at how many times we are both standing on the same mountain (or sometimes neighbouring mountains and we’ve waving) and we’re looking at the inspiration in life that surrounds us. Love, Harlon


    • Thanks Allen, it is such an enriching experience to hear someone connect to what I’ve written – especially when I had doubts about this post, where was it coming from, where was it going. Seems it just needed to be and I am glad you found it and the bells rang. Peace, Harlon

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  1. This is powerful to me as I weaken the tether of illusions, coming to my own terms: I celebrate you celebrating your good heart, in spite of the greed and corruption. Celebrate seeing it as it is. Celebrate not letting it ruin us, not letting the disillusionment take us prisoner. My soul is cheering for you, cheering for us! Celebrate on!

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    • Thanks Joanne, I loved your comment, it brought me back to the celebration that I was choosing to celebrate my way…over the last few days, life does it’s thing and I thought the party was cancelled. You’re invited so let’s celebrate. All you need to do it bring “you”. How amazing would that be? Peace, Harlon

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  2. The line that spoke to me loudest– in a good way– in this piece Harlon was the line “I am good at heart.” I just think there is such power that comes from rooting in this knowing. It is the rock amidst the ups and downs through which we wander. What I love about this site, is you being you…


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    • Thanks Michael, and it just struck me funny, when I started this blog, without knowing what it would be or how I would carry it; a red wagon would be nice, but I think the art of piggy-backs is dying. Let’s bring that back. You ain’t heavy, you’re just my brother…well you know what I mean. And back to the blog, it all started with Harlon’s Destination: Finding myself and lo and behold the writing is about me being me. I am on an amazing journey through the friendships I am forming, the positive reinforcement and the sense that we share many of the same soul-searching but with different lights. Can I find my soul with a strobe light? Maybe best not to try that at home ๐Ÿ™‚ With respect, your pal H to the D.

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    • Thank you Cindy. Funny after all these years of practice, I can slip from being true to me because of “what gets filed under life”. Now on, I am filing life under “me and the people I care for and the dreams that I have”. I think I need a bigger invitation now ๐Ÿ™‚ Harlon


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