Hanging Folders

Journey to Mexico's butterfly sanctuaries and stand among hundreds of millions of monarchs as they complete their remarkable migration.

For my own purposes

and I wouldn’t call this self-awareness, personal growth or spiritual enlightenment.

It’s really administrative at this point.

I’ve got a good way of keeping things organized

and managed

and I enjoy each day the best of my ability.

Things flow, other things resist.

I am keeping my head above the water.

When I talk about my day. and where that day fits into my life

and where parts of my life aren’t filed appropriately

life’s misalphabetized moments,

they are more like unfinished business.

I keep seeing the same two dossiers.





I am just not too sure where they are fitting into my life

and I wonder

if they haven’t been transferred to new management.



5 thoughts on “Hanging Folders

  1. Reading your candid thoughts, served up as only you can serve them, is such a treat, Harlon. And I must know what you mean also, or else I wouldn’t be feeling like I just got my bell rung… or looked up just in time to see galaxy being born…


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