The Game Of Life


I move one length at a time.  A measured car length, a hat or a pie container.  Doesn’t matter what piece it is, or even if I get to go again because I rolled doubles. There’s something appealing about the accuracy along with the defiance of beating the odds. I have my standard gait so I always know how far I am travelling. Mind you I do from time to time lose track of what it is I am accumulating.

Pop-a-matic can be so problematic  and sometimes you are forced to take a short-cut, or veer into another lane which means you end up traveling further or you miss a turn. There is an ending and sometimes all you have to do is get there before the others and you are the winner. Be aware if you are getting close of rolling numbers too high and cautious of being stranded in the middle of it all and you have a few pie pieces that get stuck in their slots, you have to remove them with  forks or tweezers.

I keep counting spaces. I keep moving length to length, I don’t remember this version of Game Of Life because it seems it’s never ending.

I liked when I threw in my pennies and used to played Rummoli.


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