Time Bomb


What am I doing to myself?

The spark was ignited

but nothing is burning.

What is this sensation?

I am a post-it note

but I’m not sticking.

What is the craving?

The pantry is stocked

but I’m not eating.

Where am I going with this?

When the bud has formed

but the flower is not blooming.

What is that sound I hear?

The clock is ticking

but the hands aren’t moving.

9 thoughts on “Time Bomb

  1. Harlon, I don’t think you intended it this way, but perhaps you can entertain the shift in perspective and know that even in this reaction, I carry your highest good in my heart. This one actually cracked me up. I was thinking of that moment in the cartoons when the character has swallowed the time bomb, and it ticks down, but then it doesn’t go off. How everything is suspended in this hilarious state of suspension. All the plates are spinning, and none have quite fallen. Then it goes off, and smoke emerges from the character’s smiling face… It does leave a strange aftertaste, I am sure…


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    • I like your spin on this. Yes, it’s me as Wyle E. Coyote chasing that darn roadrunner again. That coyote in me is faster than him but I seem to have a habit of swallowing dynamite along the way. Beep, beep. Harlon

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  2. I can feel that tension! The clock is ticking but the hands aren’t moving. A watched pot does boil eventually, but it’s hard to watch. If the bud has formed, chances are the flower will bloom! I hope you can have some fun while you wait. Peace, Harlon 🙂

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