I am on an exploration to get back the life I feel was robbed from me. I’ve pinned it to the wall and now the work begins to bust that myth open to see what is inside.

I’ve taken a sneak peek and the first thing I saw was the question “what does that mean exactly?”. I have no idea what life I might have had if things had gone differently. It went the way it went.

I took another glimpse and I saw fear. As I figure out what it is I want or what I feel I should do, I hear the conductor of the brain bus shout out “next stop: what if I fail?”.

I’ve taken some time to contemplate that. How can I fail when there is no actual goal other than to be present with myself and live and love the life I am living now?

This process has stirred up difficult memories from the past. Difficult memories are the price I paid for living and that fear, yes that fear again. This time I am cautious of the phoenix that needs to rebuild from the ashes, when the thing is, it never actually burned down to the ground.

There is no “what should I be doing?” or “things I am missing out on”.

I’ve spent enough time looking back and looking inside and it’s time to split this thing wide open.

I was robbed of nothing.

I am living the life I am given. I am living the life that I am living.

And all I see is me, in this moment, shining in the light.

20 thoughts on “Rectified

  1. Nice work, Harlon! I’m standing on the back deck with my rally cap on, waving northwards… Let’s leverage this… 🙂

    It’s such an important insight to realize what needs to be done is right in front of us. Right here. The fears I have area all usually about going to the city– to the strange foreign lands within where I must slay dragons and dress smarter than I am. But all that is needed, is right here…


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    • And I am in my backyard waving southwards. You’re writing, our friendship, Lorrie Bowden’s writing and friendship – our sharing of our separate experiences created a collective for me that certainly facilitated the process of me landing, yes actually landing and staying – a step forward from hovering over this realization. I treasure this synergy and I agree, let’s leverage it and stay as long as we can in this awareness, maybe even move into it – that it’s all right here and it is also alright here. Peace, Harlon

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  2. So much to love in this post: imagining the brain bus passing right by what if… (there it goes, wave goodbye) Saying hello to your lovely smile in the field of dandelions, and the realization “I was robbed of nothing.” that’s powerful! Live in this moment in the shining light! YES!

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