Under New Management


 My fears are based on thoughts that aren’t true.

13 thoughts on “Under New Management

  1. I do believe thoughts can influence our feelings, actions and, if we think the same thought enough, our reality. But thankfully, there are other forces at work. Forces of good, of God, of the Universe…. And thank God we can change our thoughts to align with our truth, our hopes and our dreams.

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  2. Harlon, one of the all time great existential lies is that our ‘thoughts’ create our reality. If this was true I’d be dead or in prison on death row for the untold number of times I’ve thought ‘I wish I was dead’ or my favourite slide out of counscious behaviour…. “If looks could kill ass hole, you’d be dead!” How and what we say, and what we do is what creates our reality! You are LOVE in motion my friend! One of these days, some lucky guy is gonna ‘get’ you and won’t he be blessed!

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    • Thank you so much Lynnclaire, it’s been very liberating to get comfortable in this spot that thoughts are just thoughts. I love how you contextualized it and I can completely relate, if I became my thoughts, well, at times it might not be pretty. The connection we have has played a pivotal role in my exploring ideas, exchanging thoughts and then moving towards this lovely feeling of “clarity”. It is truly liberating 🙂 Thanks for you being you. Much love, Harlon

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