Who Brought Him?


I’m in a pinch.

Penny for your thoughts.

I think I may have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle.

I  dilly dally.

I’m silly Sally.

I feel like I get it

but then if I understand it correctly

you’re actually not supposed to.

I guess that means that it just happens.

I have to say what I’m about to say

and I know I may regret it, but

I can be half-assed

or cocked and loaded,

that is my homeostasis.

Oh my goodness!

Oh my gracious!

I see you’ve renovated your kitchen


how nice for you

it is rather spacious.

I guess what’s really going on

is that I am changing

and I am trying to name it

and that starts a different kind of thinking.

There’s a lot to learn

and there’s a lot to practice

but you see now then I’m naming it again

I’m telling myself to do it

and I think I think that that is pointless.

Allowing it to be happens

if you let go

so speaking of it appears fruitless.

Besides, I like being goofy

I hope that doesn’t behoove you

and dear me

oh my oh my

I think it may be easier if I agree to disagree

and say everything is nameless

and there was a point to this

and I think it’s this

it’s that I am not aimless


I am learning

and I am practicing


and loving-kindness.

13 thoughts on “Who Brought Him?

  1. Loved this, Harlon! I daresay I relate to this piece– goofy or not– as change has been afoot on my end as well. Makes the whole sense of things a little wobbly while we re-tune all the parameters. It’s like being temporarily between radio stations… kinda’ fuzzy. Best to do exactly as you’ve done here and not try and pinpoint the moment on the Map of All Seriousness… 🙂


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    • Thanks Michael, I think in my comments I might have amped up the goofiness – it’s a bit of a mask I think, I certainly had fun being a creative writer with this, but behind the mask I am tuning into something/or tuning out something. Yes, you are spot on – it’s the fuzzy sound of static between two stations. Definitely not ready for prime time, so best leave it un-pinpointed. Thanks Michael, I reconnected with where this came from, for the moment. I think it just all fits together somehow. Peace, Harlon

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  2. Why not, or as they say, WTF. I went for spazzy on this 🙂 Good to hear from you…as always and looking forward to talking more, timing is everything I find when it comes to that, but THANK YOU, you’ve introduced me to some great resources that are all feeding…well, they are just feeding me. Peace and respect, Harlon

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