I think I know myself enough now

that I don’t need to get to know myself any better.

It’s OK for me to let go now

trust my gut

and be aware

that going with the flow


the same as moving onward.

15 thoughts on “Sway

  1. Love it, Harlon. Going with the flow strikes me as being comfortable enough with whoever we are to let it surprise us as we let the stream of life propel us into the unknown. Even though we feel we know ourselves, it’s like an acceptance of the fact that we’re mysterious to the core, and it’s okay… I guess I’m saying I love this, because it points to this paradox, and such paradoxes usually hover around the profound like vultures above carrion… We’re okay with what’s in there, whatever it is… We have an intimacy with it, but now we can’t define it in a sentence, or an essay, or even one book… That’s an awesome place to be in, my friend.


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    • JoAnna, thanks for your comment and picking up on the photo as well. I agree, I think it’s time to be good to myself and trust and believe in myself and go with it for a while…it’s been a powerful awareness for me to know that my auto pilot functions quite nicely thank you very much. Big sigh ๐Ÿ™‚ Harlon

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  2. These words, expressed so well. Following the train of thought and leading to wisdom. Reminds me of quotes by people past. I think of Will Rogers for one. The down home insight.

    that going with the flow


    the same as moving onward.

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