White Flag


I feel like giving up

like giving in

I cannot discriminate

the difference

when it comes to surrendering

and relaxing.

13 thoughts on “White Flag

  1. Perfect timing in multiple ways. I’m due for some surrendering and relaxing. Plus, I’m working on a post inspired by one of your posts a while back. I couldn’t find it again, but it fits with this one too! Will post it Wednesday morning. Rest well!

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    • Thanks, whether you did this knowingly or not, but JoAnna that was the best compliment I can imagine – glad you are taking the time for surrender and relax and I am touched that I have inspired you, and you have inspired me in many ways. Next stop: Chill Nation. Love, Harlon

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  2. That is where the ego mind struggles so much. The heart and our inner intuition is okay with surrender. There is nothing to lose and new understanding and insight to gain.
    Surrender is letting go .. Not embracing defeat!

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