Losing My Marbles


My mind keeps spinning

is it because I am acutely aware

and the spin cycle is part of changing.

I am occupying myself

is this distraction

or have I become vacant?

Sharing experiences is helpful

but I find it hard

to feel genuinely connected.

I am feeling scattered

and that’s just me

it’s how it get.

What is this change?

for a moment I feel impatience

yet I know this will be good for real.

12 thoughts on “Losing My Marbles

  1. Sometimes I’ve found the mind amplifies our feelings of misigiving or misdirection. They are skins to be shed, Harlon. Echoes of an uncertain past. Even deeper, is the silence of your own heart that can be obscured by the doubts whirling around, but can never be lost…

    Peace, my friend…

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  2. harlon, oh, do i ever understand the reasons for feeling ‘scattered’! after weeks on the road, bouncing between too many time zones and juggling many ‘eggs’ –thankfully, dropping none– it feels miraculous to be back in my atelier with paint under my nails and in my hair, art the only thing that i can do while awaiting my spirit to return…. apparently that piece of self is practicing hovering moves somewhere out over the atlantic… 🙂

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  3. That comes and goes I think! Try going back to someone or something that you know you feel great about, that might help! Hugs if you want em! 🙂

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    • I agree, this is a feeling that doesn’t stay, for me it is about transitioning and a deeper awareness of myself, but when I am in it, it can feel a bit like a spin cycle. You’re right, thinking or doing things that I am familiar with and that I know give me satisfaction, completely ground me, so I can manage that spin cycle with a loud WEEEE! Kinda fun actually. Xo Thanks pal, Harlon. And look no stains 🙂

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  4. Before I read this, I had just finished working on tomorrow’s post that I started maybe a month ago, inspired by one of your posts. It has me spinning, too, and impatient, too. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and post it now. The point is, just wait. I feel like miracles are in the making!

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