Bell Curve


If we were to form a circle and all face outward. we would see no one else looking around.

There would be just the focal point, the reference point for humankind’s vision that has us fenced in.

I imagine it would be night and that point might fall somewhere around Orion’s best.

The fence is metaphorical, it always is.

Or at the ground.

We’re looking at the ground and at our shoes.

There’s a stone cold fire in the centre of us all, we’ve let it burn down because we are all doing something else.

Memories fractures.

identities created.

Supervision, constant.

I bet you no one is home sick today from school.

People are either present or absent.

Unaccounted for.

The sound of shoes shuffling in the dirt.

All the stories that went into this,

our narrative,

our underrepresented

on cliff walls

in advertising campaigns

and the look we have given ourselves in the mirror, one time.

to see if that was really us.

To see if that is who we really are.

The moment when we aren’t busy is when we are understanding ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Bell Curve

  1. The profound silence …Harlon , it’s sublime …” the look in the mirror ” and your first line about standing together in a circle has me caught in your poetry’s treasure chest , beautiful my friend , love , megxxx

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