Built to Last


It’s not a new substance when I alter its form

it is the same evening

as if nothing has happened before

even though I thought what happened is what changes things

I had a moment that the thing I knew then was all that I had to do was be myself for things to go my way

it’s not as good as the original

so someone just markets it that way

come relive with the living

life is better when you look at it and cover one eye

I think laughter

is the one think that doesn’t see enough time

the fire keeps burning

and the water runs slow

it’s the same escape

it’s the same trap

as The Roadrunner Bugs Bunny Hour

river beds run dry and erode

and they cave in if you don’t watch your step

doing what I should be doing

well let’s step back and say

  • there is nothing that is certain
  • there is nothing that is normal

Ordinary is pretty fucking sweet/Do not think of the future

I can keep up

just so I can get ahead

the same as what I did yesterday

kind of happy, sadly strange

there’s the same list

there are goals and there are targets

there are tasks and withdrawals and deposits

it’s the same list that’s not a list anymore

just written on too many double printed paper

getting ahead feels like spinning


bank and then back left pocket

a beer, a hug and be fine

it’s just my vision is starting to change

I can do nothing

I can go nowhere

and life begins to become full of habit

and yeah, that’s what I am really talking about

the pain and suffering

of life’s journey

tangled in shoe strings

that are left all over the planet

it’s become a new lonely

but it’s not the same planet as before

and really all there is to say is

to say

who’s the person who actually got it right before?


2 thoughts on “Built to Last

  1. Ah! I agree with Michael…and the haunting part is that it is so darn familiar to me!! It’s hard to pick out certain lines of this one…because they all ring with truth and clarity!! Sending warm thoughts, dear Harlon!! ♡

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  2. Another haunting reflection, Harlon. You start with a block of raw human experience, and carve it up into nuance and familiarity– as if it were the easiest thing… Nothing is certain, but the fucking sweetness of the ordinary. It is always even more obviously so, after sitting here with you for a moment…


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