Rather than thinking about whether this is a winning season for me so far or not, I think the best way to know how well I am doing at being is to keep score of all the times that I show up for life.

10 thoughts on “Biostatistics

  1. I wonder why it is so hard to show up sometimes, Harlon!! Again, my wonderful friend…I can’t believe I didn’t stop by to find out what happened sooner. You must know you are always in my heart and mind! ❤

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    • Thank you Lorrie – and no worries about getting separated because of technology. It does seem to happen for some reason, so I just build it into “life”. For me, I find our connection genuine and powerful (and unique!)….I don’t expect you to read every posting and if I don’t hear from you, I am not going to take things personally, I will however, if I feel the silence is extended, reach out just to say hi if I am feeling a bit Lorrie-lost. In my heart and my mind, you remain. With care and loyalty, Harlon


      • Thank you, beautiful friend, for your loving thoughts 🙂 I never had it happen before, and as my in box seems rather light I wonder how many other blogs I suddenly unfollowed! I know that, just as physical distance does not create space, a computer glitch could not impact our connection!! Thinking good thoughts, Harlon 🙂 Best wishes for a week filled with love and kindness!! ♡♡

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    • Thanks Michael…..and yes, if I am going to be playing games, no sense playing against myself, or how about this, if I am my competition, then I guess ultimately everything is a win-win situation in one form or another. Peace, Harlon

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