The World: Reversed


Unfolded from moving on

I don’t feel complete as the 2015 calendar

with its course load complete.

I feel open

as the new calendar might.

These are those funny moments when my gut is telling me you’ve been working hard and things are about to happen

and the only think that is keeping me off-centred

is the wait

for whatever to happen

to bare fruit.

My seasons change.

This spin around the galaxy is so beautiful

when I let myself step back and watch it.

Pages turned, story never complete,

exhilaration and fear,

frustration and safety.

Stepping out into the world is risky.

The thinking, the planning, the consideration of possibilities.

However I connect with my environment, with you, with myself when I know I am doing it and when I don’t


a sense of belonging

of being and of not suffering.

2 thoughts on “The World: Reversed

  1. “‘Could it be? Yes it could. Something’s coming, something good, if I can wait” – the music sprang to mind instantly on reading the above. Keep smiling Harlon and step into the light smiles at him herself.

    esme flying into 2016 on the Cloud

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