Hand To Mouth


The economists are saying that a market of wealth inequality where corporations get rich and richer and do not share the wealth with the public is unsustainable.

The scientists are saying that our reliance on fossil fuels will result in a multi-metre sea level rise which will wreak enough social and economic havoc to make the planet ungovernable.

Doctors are saying they can’t treat the patients with clinical expertise because they are being micromanaged by bureaucracy.

I am saying that falling through the cracks and being beneath the middle class is getting the better of me.

The young are saying there are few opportunities for employment and are burdened with debt and don’t understand why people aren’t sharing their wealth.

The old are saying they have no  feeling of security about the end of their life and who and how will they be cared for when there is a decline in their health.

The rich are too busy shopping at Saks or upgrading to take the time to practice philanthropy.

The poor are changing service providers between runs to Dollarama because their account is in collections and the world is just about I and not about we.

4 thoughts on “Hand To Mouth

  1. I love what you wrote about the biggest challenge being to not lose hope. We are going to feel despair sometimes, and confusion, but we must continue to hope. Some days our hope can be large, some days it hangs by a thread, but we must still hope. There are people in the world who live beyond the greed and materialism and bureaucracy. There are people who work to fight the pollution and the inequality. These blogs we read here are evidence of hope. We’re not the only ones.
    Peace, Love, and Hugs to you, Harlon.

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  2. It feels bad to feel like you are falling through the cracks. I’m sorry. I feel like that a lot in the health care system and our food system and our nature protections, our consumerism. What I see out there is not what I believe in my Soul. We can’t turn our backs, yet… how do we balance that with Love? So challenging, this world we live in.

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    • Thanks Mary, I was so happy to see that you had droppped by and thank you for your comment. I liked the point you raised – so many of the problems seem insurmountable. I think the solutions will come from grassroots organizations and from strong communities and a very important ingredient to this equation is to fostering compassion and empathy. Challenging indeed, and the biggest challenge perhaps of all is to not lose hope. Peace and love, Harlon

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  3. As corporations get richer and richer they either control Governments or are left alone by them. Monsanto are the prime example . They ride roughshod over the regulations in some Countries and leave those where they cannot exert massive influence. If they carry on unchecked we will one day be living in a world where we all eat modified food that we have no idea is killing us or not supplied by a company who don’t care.
    Conglomerates of this size need breaking down until the sections are manageable by Governments who can’t be bought or bullied and where the quality of the products can be checked and stopped if proven to be dangerous ( like Roundup).
    We have to get back to a time when ‘WE’ were the concern of everybody and the only ‘I’ that mattered was in family.

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