Truth or Consequences


Is the pain hiding behind me

or am I hiding behind the pain?

17 thoughts on “Truth or Consequences

  1. Either way, one of you should stop counting and yell Ready or not, here I come! I think sometimes it is what is hidden that creates the here and the there. And I’m sorry to hear you are in pain my friend and wish you well. May peace pass into the entirety of your experience like a fog rolling into the harbor, soaking you up and holding you close.


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    • Thanks Michael for the comments and concerns. The pain is – well how do we compare it, but it’s not awful, it’s just beginning to feel like a new challenge for me thing that could turn into a problem and there seems to be a mind over matter element to it.
      I like your “ready or not, here I come” approach – it’s funny, because the vision I have about this post now is that I am standing on a dock on a lake which I know is cold, but if I dive right in, I will ultimately feel revived. Peace, Harlon

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  2. The pain may be part of you, but it is not all of you. It does not consume you. Walls can protect us or imprison us. I believe what you wrote about balance is true. Balance feeling with positive distraction, action with rest. But always leave room for love and peace.

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    • Thanks David, for me, chronic physical pain has suddenly become something that I am having a hard time managing. Sometimes it feels that denial is the best thing and other times I wonder, or more specifically am concerned,that the pain can become an excuse to “opt out”.Like many things in life, I think it’s about balance. Peace, Harlon

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      • Whilst I wouldn’t quite say that it gets easier with time, it certainly becomes more manageable I think. How the world around you reacts to your being in pain can be very challenging on top of the physical and mental strain too. It is about balance, you’re right there. If you haven’t as of yet looked into mindfulness for pain, I would do so, I’ve found it to help a great deal. smiles and hugs him

        esme upon the Cloud

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        • Excellent advice, and funny you should mention mindfulness. I’ve been exploring a holistic strategy to preventing and managing my pain – sleep, stress, the weather, all those sort of things play an inter-related role. I think mindfulness will help me create a balance of what’s going on with the mind and the body – anyhoo, the exciting news is I start an 8 week course on Mindfulness and Loving Kindness – I think it may just be the foundation of wellness, I am excited about the course – it’s part of a research study so just sort of came out of the blue. Funny how the things we need and want sometimes just present themselves. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Peace and love, Harlon

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