pRESS sTAR (Life before the # key)

cELLUYou used to call me on the telephone

that thing they call the landline now

we used to lie back and talk for hours

lying on the ground with our legs up against the wall

and looking at the ceiling as if it had stars

and we would get together when we wanted

instead of when we can.

Then you got a cell phone and you hardly ever call

and I hear more about you via text now than from your emails

and it feels I hardly ever see you anymore

it seems like we’re finding ways of creating distance

and making it easy to grow apart.

13 thoughts on “pRESS sTAR (Life before the # key)

  1. This is so true. Seems like the more devices we have the less we see people in person. They only people I’m guaranteed to see on a daily basis are my co-workers. I would say it’s not just technology and the electronic umbilical cord but jobs, school, the workplace, illness, disabilities, family obligations etc….

    As much as I’d love to see my old friends in person truthfully I spend most of my time on the job not because I want to but I have to if I want to keep a roof over my head and continue to eat. My workplace schedule has severed most of my face to face good times. Sadly as time has marched on sickness, disease and the disabilities of age have made connection almost impossible. Maybe once I retire the situation will change. At least then I’ll have something called Free Time but let’s hope I will be able to afford retirement otherwise back to the 9-5.

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    • Thank you, great comment! I feel like I know exactly where you are coming from. I think it’s important to have social time – and when you have health issues and don’t fight quit into any role in society, isolation is a concern. I am just a bit frustrated that I am finding it hard to have fun time with friends because everyone is too busy. I think priorities are slipping! Thanks for dropping by and for the support in knowing I am not the only one that feels this way. Peace, Harlon


  2. I love the conversations we have with a phone to our ear, a curled cord twisted around its curls into crazy knots, running across the floor, and our crossed legs leaned up against the wall. And our minds somewhere else entirely. We need those times– those times when our hearts are out playing with friends and we’re talking with each other while they’re doing those things only they know to do, and time doesn’t exist…

    You’ve brushed the dust off some lovely memories, Harlon…


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    • I think it is too. I’m only allowing myself to adapt to a certain point with change, but I will try to keep th.e things I like. I guess that’s being centred and getting the balance right. Onward xo Harlon

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