Statistically Insignificant


In a world of 7.125 billion people, how can I feel so alone and neglected?

19 thoughts on “Statistically Insignificant

  1. it doesn’t matter whether there are 10 billion souls or only 1000. there is the eternal distance between your mind and another mind. you have no idea how they perceive colour, but they’d call it the same.
    then there is the story in every soul that we want to hear. and tell ours in return. the story telling brings us closer, the listening even more …
    sharing experiences, like drinking a cup of coffee, while silent, can be the most profound, getting rid of all the distances.

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  2. I’m part of that group. I feel that way a lot. Like something or someone is missing. I do tend to be a solitary and I enjoy my Me-time but I wish there were someone special in my life. Oh well! If wishes were fishes they would fill the ocean!! Sigh………

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    • Thank you for a beautifully honest comment, and much of what you said inspired me to write what I wrote; it’s that feeling that something and/or someone is missing from my life. I too like my ME time but I’d like that to be a choice not the only option. I love the line if wishes were fishes, I haven’t heard that for a while. Let’s take this moment to wish and hope that both of us find that thing that makes us feel “connected”. Love, Harlon


    • Thanks Tony, I was concerned this post was a bit blunt and harsh. Instead, I think it’s just a succinct expression that I am discovering I am not alone in feeling, so that helps. I guess the important thing, from my perspective, is that I don’t always feel this way, but sometimes I do. I can live with that – and your comment gave me some sort of validation, at the very least, I am normal in feeling this way. Wishing you harmony in your place in this world. Peace, Harlon

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  3. Hi Handsome,

    A trip to Montreal may help. You will not be alone and I certainly would not be neglected.

    The new group HIV group is interviewing me tomorrow at 1. I am pretty sure that that I will be found unsuitable.

    Truly, madly, deeply, Love, Bill xoxoxo

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    • Thanks Bill – reconnecting and spending time together will certainly change the odds in our favour. I appreciate the message and it’s never you that’s unsuitable, it’s them. Love, Harlon


    • I guess that makes us two in 7.125 billion. I’ll keep you posted as the numbers change. In the meantime, knowing you are paying attention to what I am saying helps me feel more “significant”.


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