Freedom (a collaboration with Lorrie Bowden)



The lonely wind whips through my hair

As my heart bleeds real tears


The sky is beyond my reach

And my hopes turn to fears


Broken mirror…tortured dreams

Pieces on the ground


I am damaged

Missing pieces, parts not found


What I fight is all that’s true

Naked to the core of who I came to be


What is that noise I hear

I think it’s coming from me


I have dug deep

And the answers weren’t there


The moment of feeling overwhelmed

Disappears as I throw caution to the air


All that caused fear evaporates

As I realize the questions were all wrong


The very thing I kept hidden

Was in plain sight all along


It is an honour and an inspiration to create with Lorrie and I encourage you to check out her blog which in itself is an honour and an inspiration to explore as she shares her beautiful expressions of gratitude, soul-searching and love.


7 thoughts on “Freedom (a collaboration with Lorrie Bowden)

    • Thanks, it’s nice to hear kind words, you are the bees knees or maybe the cat’s meow, but there it often a bit of hesitancy or doubt when I dig a little deeper with my writing. It’s a great feeling when it is received so kindly as it was by you – and I am truly touched and also feeling stronger because you found it so powerful and true. Peace, Harlon

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  1. What a beautiful poem you created together from deserted to comprehension! Lovely collaboration!
    Much love

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    • Thanks Mary, your comment really means a lot to me. And if I can share a bit more, the collaboration was a really profound experience. As we wrote it, I think Lorrie and I were leading and sending each other to different places, Some of it didn’t feel like me, but I learned that the feelings were shared it’s just a different voice. Now that it’s been published, I read it over again – it was like being in a concert hall and hearing a symphony that I’d heard bits of before but it came together. This poem took me somewhere I wasn’t at yet, but I didn’t go there alone. Collaborating, or call it community, or support, it really makes things that may seem difficult become better. Love, Harlon

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