If I Were A Tuna


We could have moved a mountain.

It was you and me against the world, for a while.

It’s only me that caught up in the landslide.

A friend told me recently I hadn’t changed.

The thing is, things did and I didn’t.

The forces of nature, the power of fear.

Being overlooked because it appeared I was on my way.

This is how a person gets nowhere fast.

And never lands, and never changes

and never appreciates in value.

2 thoughts on “If I Were A Tuna

  1. I am not certain the value we are appreciates; rather we crack open the shell a little further, a little further, and there is no end to the glories that spill out. But they’re in there and they cannot be lost.


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    • Thanks Michael, I am not too sure what I was getting at in this one. I think I ended up trying to connect a bunch of incomplete thoughts and postings and put them into something. I now have a recipe for bouillebaise. Life and writing about can just that way sometimes, can’t it? Peace back, Harlon

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