Spending a life of suppressing conflicted states of mind and being just isn’t me and I’ve become unhappy as I feel that is what is expected from me to succeed.

Things are changing, and I feel curious about the richness of life where thoughts and emotions are not divorced.

Awareness moves from slices of micromoments so that are easy to manage to multiple processes co-constructing and weaving the amazing experience of my life.

8 thoughts on “Surfing

  1. Hey Harlon,
    It’s so great to read this because you are right in the thick of it. You are doing it! Yay! Isn’t it good to know that nothing is expected of you?! Life is amazing and rich. Your life is amazing. I am so glad to be getting to know you right now.

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    • Thanks Mary, as a fellow who is walking their path, it’s not always easy, or flat, or straight or obvious, but it’s always going somewhere and even if I may not fully be aware of it all the time, the magnificence of it is there all the time. Thank you for “getting” me. Harlon


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