The Practice & The Perfect: Spoiler Alert


In answer to your question, “are you practicing self-care?”, the answer is “no, I am not practicing it, I’ve just gotten comfortable with being very bad at it. Funny, you should ask though because you got me thinking and I am actively trying to find ways that can help me get better at it.” I think I’ve snapped my mind-body connection so this is going to take some practice and I hope that I will get better at it over time or else get better at not being very good at this anymore.

2 thoughts on “The Practice & The Perfect: Spoiler Alert

  1. Harlon…I know it’s not supposed to be funny but the photo of Sharon from Y&R at top of this adds weight to your words. She’s sort of the patron saint of avoiding self care yes? 🙂 oxo

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    • Ka-ching. You nailed it. It was an odd choice for me for an image, but I felt like it was also the right one in the way that you observed. Thanks for noticing. Peace, Harlon


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