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If I feel I am suffering

I have learned – or more precisely I am learning

that I can embrace it

and then pay particular attention to letting go of the embrace

and with that goodbye

the suffering ends

or becomes a familiar friend

that I see

from time to time.

I validate the moment

in which all of that took place

and then cultivate the parts of it that are important to me

and try my best to live the life I want to live

in these circumstances.

14 thoughts on “Tolerance

    • I feel the same way…although the optimism is always there, I often find that writing about what feels difficult to be therapeutic and when I am feeling optimistic, then you’re more than likely to find me in the garden, or out hiking, or enjoying a cocktail on a patio somewhere. Thanks for noticing. Peace, Harlon

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    • Thanks JoAnna, I may have mentioned along the way that I am involved in a research study on mindfulness – and part of the course is connecting to our values – and I realize now that lifelong learning is part of my core values. I am glad that I can share my personal growth with someone caring and empathic such as YOU. Hugs, arlon

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    • I am well, thanks for checking in and hope the same for you….wow, where did all the time go, I imagine our are getting back into busy season again. I am hoping I can find myself up to your neck of the woods this summer. Hugs, Harlon


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