The Ejection Seat


Emotions are like an ice cream truck

that assembles itself in a foreign part of your body

and before you realize it

and just when you are ready to take a step outside

they hit you.

There are no casualties

just some pain from the difficult emotions being expressed,

the ones I locked in the trunk,

but I can still have a relationship with them

as long as I don’t follow their directions.

Different emotions

have different needs

and this is what leads

to motivation, action and tendencies.

My emotions are built on the reflection of the body experience

that comes from living.

Feeling them rise and feeling them get into motion

reminds me what’s important

and that there really isn’t enough space in the back seat for anger.

Values are what give me joy,

they are how I orientate myself

and they help me know that I moving in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “The Ejection Seat

  1. Great piece, Harlon. I love that line about having a relationship with an emotion even if you don’t have to follow its directions. So true! It is a fine line between putting on our government employee hat and asking them to take a seat in the lobby, thereby setting them off even further, and inviting them in to our homes for a meal, by the end of which they are quite pleased and we are ready to dive out the window. I guess our emotions are a little like children, and we just have to know how to direct them properly. Anger, to the playground if needs be. Sadness, to the Children’s Theater. Vulnerability, to the Art Therapy Class. It makes for a lot of parenting and driving everyone to the various activities, and maybe it is a means and an end simultaneously– cleaning the car so there is space to take them where they need to be!


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  2. I’m with you my friend…I’m with you! My back seat is a bit full…driving down the road…tossing the heavy bags out on the highway…don’t really care if it’s called littering…or if I get pulled over for the load is being lightened..and it feels good 😉
    Love Me♡

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    • It does feel good doesn’t it? And for me, if feels so gentler when I am able to share these feelings and be welcomed by compassion and empathy. Much love, Me too.

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