Stacked Deck


When I think of something and the thought itself or the experience of having the though feels difficult, it’s hard not to replace that thought with “what am I doing wrong”, however what feels difficult can also be the feeling of experiencing a moment of truth.

Moments of truth, can be hard, but moments, like thoughts, come and go quickly. By deepening my intimacy with all of my emotions, I can reduce the congestion that prevents me from experiencing the wonder of this existence and the beauty that is waiting to be discovered beyond those moments of truth.

The continuation of development of compassion for myself will help with the pain. The pain changes from a threat which creates a natural reaction of withdrawal to a state of arousal where I act and live by my values and I discover and then embrace a sense of belonging.

Finally, the earth witnesses the creation of my contentment and of my trust, and I continue with that, remaining playful in this game of life and the cards it deals.

I’m not ready to give up, to go all out.

I’m still playing and I’m all in.

9 thoughts on “Stacked Deck

  1. Hey Harlon, I like your attitude. I think now that you are going all in, things will be better overall. You’ve got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. Your making the right call.

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    • Thanks Lorrie, it is a wonderful feeling isn’t it. I am not going to occupy myself with how I can sustain that feeling, I am just going to welcome it and be “in it”. Blessings, Harlon

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  2. What a beautiful post, Harlon. Me too. I’m in. 🙂

    Peace and embracing moments of truth

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