The Flight Of The Sensuous


I find myself busy trying to create action plans for an escape so that I will miss out on what and who is coming on board with me next. This is how I dealt with uncertainty, doubt and fear.

A good way for me to show up, to create a presence, is by beginning to feed my memories. They are the key to my core emotions. My values are probably nearby.


Planning for what?

It can become a way for me of blocking emotions.

If I explore the change I am feeling, the decisions I am making, the choices I am avoiding.

Those acts alone are an act of checking-in.

That’s self care.

Conciousness can emerge when inner processes collide with the outer.

The journey that felt stuck, can rest in the accomplishment of making it from there to here.

Next stop: Ecstatis – the latin for ecstasy, the elation of stepping outside of my life without losing myself.

16 thoughts on “The Flight Of The Sensuous

  1. I like where this is going, Harlon. Losing and gaining the Self simultaneously. Checking in. Letting life do its thing. Knowing Harlon is wherever he goes, and a few other places, too…


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