Share The Road


Different emotions have different needs

but they are all passengers on the same bus.

The seats are not pre-assigned

but somehow they organize themselves

and they lead me

to motivation


and tendencies

and that is how I learn what is important to me.

They are built on an assembly line that is based on the mind/body experience.

By making room for them,

sadness or anger for example,

and letting them pick the aisle or window seat,

they can guide me

and I can find my way back into the richness of the experience of my life

and then

the route is safer,

the drive is smoother

and this life experience is less likely to feel like a head-on collision.

11 thoughts on “Share The Road

  1. It is amazing, Harlon, how the maelstrom of emotions we experience propels us along the way. The party bus contains quite the cast of characters, and sometimes it is surprising to see who is sitting where, and who is talking to whom… we realize there’s things going on in there we didn’t fully know about. How could that be! What kinda’ bus is this anyway???

    It also gets interesting when the bus breaks down and the tire has to be changed… See who pitches in… Or when the bus stops at the photo opportunity and everyone starts elbowing each other for the best view! ha!

    Peace, friend!

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  2. Truly a great metaphor. I have a habit of taking up two seats. Judge me if you dare! 😉
    ❤ so much love in this botanical bus…
    I can relate to my fun with my herbs and getting ready for the next big dose of strangers! Friendship- making never ends. Bless you, Harlon

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    • Thank you Ka, what a beautiful comment and for our new friendship – it may be virtual, but it still counts and it is meaningful to me, and FYI, sometimes on I go to the back of the bus and lie down and take up the whole row. Happy travels! Blessings in return, Harlon

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  3. Thanks Val, I am glad you enjoyed. Thank you also for the reminder that fear needs to have his driver’s license revoked. It is an important point though so I might make a slight edit to be clear that emotions are all passengers. With gratitude, Harlon


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